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Old Fort Bay, Jamaica

Discovering Jamaica

Laughing Waters

Made famous in 1962 by Sean Connery in the first ever James Bond film, Dr. No; this stunning waterfall has been an attraction that no one can pass up. Just a scenic walk away from Sea Salt Villa, Laughing Waters has so much to offer in one area. From swimming in the refreshingly cool rock pools, to setting up a picnic on the beach and listening to the waterfall meeting the sea, this quiet, untouched spot truly offers it all

Summer House

Summer House

This nearby restaurant takes Jamaican food and fuses it with its own twist on classic Caribbean cuisine. Featuring fresh seafood and produce from the island itself, the food is not something to miss. Enjoy a quiet night on the terrace with some of the friendliest staff!



Famous for its jerked cuisine, Scotchies is number one to visit when you come to Jamaica! It provides more than just classic Jamaican food, the rustic vibe it creates makes you feel like a local in your own element!

Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountain

Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios is the heart and soul of the Jamaica rainforest activities! You’ll have ample opportunities to put on your explorer’s hat and take your camera on a photo safari — this park takes you all the way from the seashore to 700 feet above sea level at the top of the mountain, stretching over 100 acres. This is one rain forest tour in Jamaica that will give your memory chip a workout it won’t soon forget!



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